Solo Ace Consoles

Solo ACE Consoles


Solo-ACEtm  Basic Helicopter and Aircraft Consoles for perfect VR flying   

Solo-ACE Basic Aircraft Set on the left and Solo-ACE Basic Helicopter set on the right.

Solo-ACE Console have a solidly built moulded GRP (Glass Fibre) base and this is non slip and designed to take years of use.
The whole unit can be taken through a standard 24” doorframe. 

A comfortable custom aircraft style seat is fitted which can be adjusted before and afteras required. The base of the seat is a stainless-steel frame

This Solo-ACE “Hybrid” set can quickly be switched between Aircraft and Helicopter

Solo-ACE Basic Aircraft Console
A great deal of effort has been put into getting the right “feel” in the controls so that the joystick has a smooth centre and the resistance gets progressively harder when pulled back. The throttle mixture and propeller pitch levers plus an elevator trim wheel and additional switches are attached to the seat and the customer can specify whether these are fitted to the right or the left.