Air Cadet Systems

Air Cadet Systems

We build practical which encourage Cadets to interact and participate in Air Cadet activities. Our simulators are designed to offer affordable solutions when budgets and funding are limited.

We have built on the many successes of RC Simulations presence within the armed forces and designed new future proof simulators which will ensure longevity and durability well into the next decade with simulators configured as Grob Tutor, Cadet Controls, Grob 115, Grob 109, Grob 103, Viking, Vigilant, Grob G120, Grob G 120TP, Grob G 120A

Open Cockpit Simulators (Single Seat / Dual Seat)

Closed Cockpit Simulators (Single Seat / Dual Seat)

Fixed Wing

Rotary Wing


Virtual Reality


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Air Cadet Systems

Our Air Cadet Systems offer solutions to squadrons which will meet the demands of young people wanting to consider a career in the RAF, Army or Navy. The Cadet systems are systems are suitable for the Combined Cadet Force which are attached to schools and academies.The simulators available offer highly advanced solutions to STEM activities whilst engaging young people to become more involved.

CCF units in schools give young people the life skills and self-confidence to take charge of their lives so they can reach their full potential at school and beyond, including in employment.Each CCF is formed of sections from one or more of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army or the Royal Air Force. We offer ways to introduce aviation into these schemes through
affordable simulation.

Our range of affordable systems include the following;

  • Desktop flight control simulators with Yokes, Flight Sticks, Throttle Quadrants, Rudder Pedals, Simulator PCs and Visual Systems 
  • Virtual Reality Simulators
  • Single Seat Cockpit Systems
  • Dual Seat Cockpit Systems
  • Motion Systems