Solo-ACE Basic Helicopter Console- Made to Order

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Solo-ACE Basic Helicopter Console- Made to Order
£3,300.00 / pound(s)
Price include VAT, plus delivery
+ Additional deposit £1,500.00
Total amount £4,800.00
Available delivery method: Customer pickup

Solo-ACE Basic Helicopter Console Differences
1/ Swan Neck joystick cyclic, (Aircraft version is straight stick).
2/ Joystick gimbal has gas dampers so that cyclic stays where it is placed.
3/Collective has twist throttle and twin gas dampers.
4/ Anti-Torque Pedals
The Cost of the Solo-ACE Basic Console either Aircraft or Helicopter, as described above is:  
£2495.95* including VAT. 

Additional Options-Available for above, but not included
Monitor support. Bolted onto the base to support one to three monitors with add-on to support instrument panel touch screen.
Butt kicker (Shaker Unit), bracket under seat

 3 axis motion by D-Box. This option will have three electric actuators (230/240v) fitted onto the base. These are capable of regularly supporting 250lbs each and will generate 2G and -5G over a 1.5” range. This has Roll, Pitch and Heave. D-Box Motion has extremely high resolution and are fully supported by X-Plane 10/11 and LM P3D. There is virtually no mismatch between the visuals and the motion cue. Fitted to base £5995.95 including VAT
NB: Joystick, Throttle Quadrant, Seat and Rudders are available separately POA 

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