GoFlight Panels

GoFlight Panels

GoFlight Panels


Go Flight add-on hardware products that bring  realism to your flight simulator  flying in the virtual world. Our compatibility with Microsoft's base Flight Simulator software programs (both FS2004, and FSX), Project MagentaX-PlaneI-FlyFSUIPCLevel DPMDG, Prepar3D and other platforms enables integration with aircraft ranging from a Private Pilot to the heavy airliners in the Corporate PilotCommuter PilotAirliner Pilot 

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New GoFlight GF166-

£174.95 *
In stock

New GoFlight GF-RP48 Pushbutton Rotary

£174.99 *
Still in stock

New GoFlight Rack-

£119.99 *
In stock

New Module Bay Cover Stock item

£20.00 *
In stock

New Go Flight ATC Module-

£159.11 *

New GoFlight LGT11 Module

£199.99 *

New GoFlight GF-P8 Pushbutton Module -

£119.99 *
Still in stock

New GoFlight GF-TQ6 Modular Throttle System-

£350.00 *
Still in stock

New GoFlight Mini Rack

£60.00 *

New GoFlight FDC

£299.99 *

New GoFlight GF-WP-6

£160.00 *
In stock

New GF Throttle Clamp for TQ6

£49.95 *
Still in stock

New GoFlight Yoke

£795.00 *

New GoFlight EFIS Module-

£249.99 *

GF-VantEdge Yoke System

£599.00 *
Still in stock


£679.00 / Byte *
Still in stock

New Goflight GF MESM Multi Engine Module

£140.00 *
Still in stock
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