Summer/Autumn Newsletter 2018

Flight Simulation has been in a constant state of development over the last two decades and RC Simulations have always been at the cutting edge of this and 2018 is no exception. Apart from the numerous training consoles that we have built for the Air Cadets, our team have been hard at work developing cockpits, controls and software good enough to satisfy even the most demanding customers (and a lot of real-world flying instructors).
The new range of cockpits are called Solo-ACE and Dual-ACE. The "ACE" acronym stands for "Adaptable Cockpit Environment".  These are both registered trademarks of RC Simulations Ltd.  

The salient features of both the new Dual-ACE and Solo-ACE cockpits are tough, double skinned glass fibre (GRP) construction. These should remain durable for years in flying club or youth organisations use and for personal use should last a lifetime.  
The Dual-ACE has been made easier for occupants to enter and exit by raising the cockpit by around 25 cm and fitting an access door to both sides. The doors are wide enough to swing the longest legs through and the seats (which are based on real aircraft seats), can be slid back to allow even better entry and exit. Any average size of person will fit comfortably in our Dual-ACE for long periods of time thanks to the comfortable padded seats.

There are two versions of Dual-ACE, one which is compatible with control consoles as supplied by Precision Flight Controls (PFC Cirrus II) for example or Elite controls
(Pro Panel II) and our General Aviation unit which features our own custom dual joystick and rudder controls. Dual-ACE cockpits can be supplied in a range of colours with custom decals fitted to suit any customer requirements.
A Butt Kicker is recommended as this adds a tremendous degree of realism by providing engine vibration and ground rumble through the whole cockpit for a relatively small investment. If the budget allows, we would absolutely recommend D-Box motion. With this you get up to +2G, -0.5G of heave generating realistic turbulence for instrument practice, pre-stall buffet and much more.
 Dual-ACE (dismantled) will fit though a standard door. 

Solo-ACE is a single seat cockpit, originally based on the front end of a real glider. This has been altered and modified so that an individual of any height will fit in (and still be able to get out again). The construction is as the Dual-ACE.