Single Seat Simulator SSS -2021

Single Seat Simulator SSS -2021

Single Seat Simulator
Our Single Seat Simulator has been designed to offer complete immersion to anyone brave enough to mix VR and an Optional Motion system.

Available in a choice of colours, this seat will provide a flight on any aircraft or helicopter.
We would recommend the use of a separate 65" TV/Monitor to show observers what is being seen by the Pilot.

Flying Civil Light Aircraft, Multi Engine & Turboprop Aircraft, Jet Engine Aircraft, Helicopters and Civil Airliners.

This unit is available with sidestick or centre stick, Rudder pedals and Throttle Quadrant. Interchangeability will offer various positioning of the controls and setups.

The Motion System is available in 3 different formats.
2 Degrees of Freedom, 3 Degrees of Freedom or 6 Degrees of Freedom