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Solo Ace Cockpit

*Tough GRP
*D-Box Motion can be added
*Suits A10 HOTAS.
*Rudder pedal option.
Two seat options will also be available shortly

Cockpit Colours Available to choose Red,Aviation Grey,White


I ran the cockpit as a helicopter most of the time with Dodosim B206 Jetranger, Prepar3D and Fly Inside P3D plus ORBX. Everyone and I mean everyone was totally amazed at the flying experience. Many told me that what I had was the most realistic sim at the show, by far. The D-Box motion tied in exactly with the visuals. No one felt odd thanks to the motion cues.                                     Ring Bob on 00 44 01454 315002

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TrackIR 5

  1. Bundle Includes TrackClip Pro £169.95 Free UK Delivery Only
  2. Basic £154.95 Free UK Delivery Only


Dual Ace Cockpit Details



Real Pilots don’t press buttons to communicate with Air Traffic Controllers and neither will you with VoxATC 7 for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and.Prepar3D

VoxATC Version 7.4 release

Click above to order

Try Demo before purchase


Now You're talking!

VoxATC is a huge advance in Flight Simulation that adds a whole new dimension to the experience. VoxATC is the first ATC add-on for FSX, FSX SE & Prepar3D (versions 2, 3 and 4) that has been developed with integrated voice recognition. Talk to the controllers using standard ATC phraseology and what you say will be heard. Just like in the real world, requests must be properly constructed, instructions complied with and read back correctly. Some FS add-ons let you talk to the computer, with VoxATC you talk to Air Traffic Control. Download and try VoxATC for yourself, free for 7 days.

Main Features

Works with Prepared3D V3 and V4

Terrain aware (no more vectors into mountains)

Can be run on a separate system to the flight simulator (net server)

Improved traffic generation

Separate installers for each simulator you have installed, no switching between simulators if you have more than one installed


X-Plane 11 on DVD £59.95 Free Delivery UK only Order now


VoxATC 7 Air Traffic services that you can talk to. Try the demo before buying.
TrackIR bundle (in stock) £169.95 plus £4.95 postage

Panel Builder

Panel Builder  provides Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

 X-Plane 10-11, Microsoft Flight SimulatorLockheed Martin PREPAR3DDCS (Digital Combat Simulator) and Condor - The Complete Soaring Simulator.

Here you will find the full Product Versions of Panel Builder for different Simulators

See - Panel Builder Trial Versions

Panel Builder 2.99 and EFIS Panel Builder 2.99 have been released. For a list of changes,
see here.

DCS New Release

We have released a new product range for DCS. It includes a Panel Builder DCS base product and various instrument add-ons, four so far. We will be developing additional add-ons in the future.

North American P51 Mustang

Supermarine Spitfire

SA-342M "Gazelle"

Bell UH-1H " Huey"

 Panel Builder DCS Demo

Panel Builder DCS User Manual

10 Minutes Runtime,6 Instruments in Panel ,DCS World 1.5 or greater

Please note that the previous Panel Builder DCS P51D is no longer available, this new product range  replaces it.

New Panel Builder 2.99 ( The cockpit builders choice) Download Version £44.95
Go-Flight Simulation Avionics, Radios and Auto Pilot etc ( mostly in stock) ring





GoFlight, CH, TrackIR












Panel Builder Core Programs

Panel Builder Add-on Interfaces and Instrument Add-ons

Must have core Program installed


Panel Builder

Panel Builder by Simplugins  provides Avionics and Interfaces for Flight Simulation

Panel Builder 2.99 and EFIS Panel Builder 2.99 have been released. For a list of changes,
see here.


Our products have been designed to work with

 X-Plane 10-11, Microsoft Flight SimulatorLockheed Martin PREPAR3DDCS (Digital Combat Simulator) and Condor - The Complete Soaring Simulator

See - Panel Builder Trial Versions


Panel Builder is an add-on Instrument Package that allows the creation of custom Instrument Panels to interface with various flight simulators.

The instruments can be run on the same computer as the flight simulator, but this is only recommended for medium sized panels with maybe up to 15 instruments. The preferred installation is to have the instruments installed on a separate, networked computer.

Most instruments contain a configuration option that is accessible via a settings menu option. This is used for setting ranges and/or color bars on the instrument. This enables using the same instrument for a slow piston powered airplane or a high performance turbine powered airplane.


Panel Builder has been design to be modular and therefore easy to expand. It includes the

simPlugins Interface

the link between the flight simulator and panel builder across a network. The following Flight Simulators are currently supported:

  • MS Flight Simulator X - Simconnect Interface
  • MS Flight Simulator 2004 (2002) - FSUIPC Interface
  • X-Plane 9 and 10 - using plugins
  • DCS World - P-51D Mustang - lua script
  • Condor - UDP Interface provided by Condor
  • Panel Builder

    the application to design instrument panels

    Individual Instruments

    individual instruments that are combined into panels.

    This approach provides an interface to any flight simulator that has an open architecture for third party add-ons. It also allows for the creation of new instruments to be added any time. Instruments currently not available in Panel Builder can be built on request (Cost depending on instrument and application).

Panel Builder 2.99 and EFIS Panel Builder 2.99 are available now. Here is how to update. See here for changes.






Here you will find the full Product Versions of Panel Builder for different Simulators












Flight Sounds Aviatiion Headset Adaptor


Flight Sounds Aviation Headset Adaptor

Use your own aviation headset for flight simulation training scenarios Get added duty from your headset by using it with programmes like Skype Bring the realism of your virtual flight environment to unprecedented levels! Just plug & play...and you’re ready to go!



On this web site you will find everything you need for your flight simulator from software to full motion platform hardware.

In Shop News you will find all the latest information on new products and development, as well as special offers. The Coffee Shop has information about events and some useful links. Or if you want to go straight to the goods then click on Shop Items. If you experience any problems in our shop please call us on +44 (0)1454313002 or email us at

Our "staff pilots" are husband & wife, Bob & Carol. . Regular customers will also be familiar with our office dog, Jonty, Bobby

Bob is a PPL, IMC and Night-Rated pilot, flies model aircraft & helicopters. He can give you the support you need to get "virtually" airborne, and advise you on the best system for your requirements From the beginnings of home computer technology and into the millennium, we have and continue to serve the needs of armchair pilots all over the world with everything and anything they could possible need.

We can offer comprehensive technical support on products we have sold you directly and give a friendly mail-order service that only a traditional family business can provide even in this high-tech world.


Tel no 01454 315002

(Callers by Appointment)

New address : Fromeforde House Suite C14

Church Road Yate BS37 5JB



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