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Air Cadet Simulators ACS1 - 2020

Air Cadet Simulators ACS1 - 2020

The New ACS1 is designed to offer modular expansion for any Cadet Squadron. Designed and built from the ground up, the ACS1 gives you the flexibility of three or more different aircraft models with interchangeable instrument panel masks and radio modules.

Initially based arount the following aircraft  Grob 103 Viking, Grob 109 Vigilant and Grob 115 Tutor. What better way to drum up enthusiasm from young students and increase memberships and participation in Air Cadet activities and STEM projects.

This simulator incorporates the layout of the Tutor with a 3 lever throttle quadrant, centre floor mounted flight control stick and rudder pedals. Also attached to the side wall is an airbrake lever. The instruments and switch panels are accurately matched to ensure realism and immersion by pilots.

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