GoFlight GF-RP48 Pushbutton Rotary

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GoFlight GF-RP48 Pushbutton Rotary
GoFlight GF-RP48 Pushbutton Rotary
GoFlight GF-RP48 Pushbutton Rotary
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4 Rotary Control Knobs 8 Programmable Pushbuttons – See the GF-P8 module for description Each of the control knobs on the RP48 can be used to adjust instrument panel settings such as Altimeter, Gyro, OBS1 and OBS2, as well as many others. For day verses night flying, you can use a RP48 knob to set the brightness level for the displays and indicators on all of your GoFlight modules. When installed with GoFlight home cockpits that include GF-45 or GF-166 modules, the RP48's knobs can be programmed as Mode Selectors, allowing you to select all available avionics modes on the GF-45 and GF-166 modules. Software Compatibility: All Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 (FS9) and FSX: default and add-on aircraft. All X-Plane (excluding Mobile version) and Project Magenta software modules. The functions assigned to each configurable element are configured using GoFlight's GFConfig software (go to the current version by clicking here). Labeling of the switches is done by using the MagLabels included with each unit. Dimensions: 2" tall, 7.25" wide, 3" back clearance. The mounting hole centers are 0.5" down from the top edge of the panel, 6.75" apart, and 0.25" from the left & right edges of the panel. The GF-RP48 requires 2" of vertical space in a GoFlight module bay, and is compatible with all GoFlight cockpit module enclosures. For mounting in custom cockpits, allow 3" of depth behind your panel.

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