Track IR 5 Basic with Vector Clip for any baseball hat. A idea companion for your Flight Simulator

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The perfect TrackIR™ accessory, which clips to Creative Lab's and other popular over-the-ear headsets. Combined with a TrackIR, the TrackClip PRO delivers precise 6 degrees of freedom view control. On your favorite headset, the only thing you will notice about the lightweight TrackClip PRO is your improved gaming experience

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Replacement Vector Clip

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Replacement Dots for use with earlier TrackIR3

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TrackIR 3 Accessory Package Consists of 1 vector Clip Vector Activation Codes Vector Quick Start Guide

This lightweight black powder coated spring-steel clip has 3 built in reflectors. 3 7/8″ wide, 5″ long, 1 7/8″ tall.

The TrackClip can be used with any standard baseball cap, or slipped onto the cross bar of your headset.

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