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Ultimate Terrain USA X DVD
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Ultimate Terrain X takes the roads one step further, by providing all the available road types from the DMTI Spatial commercial data set, instead of just highways and most major roads The Ultimate Terrain X road textures are also very high resolution, matching the 1 meter landclass textures currently in FSX. Plus, the Ultimate Terrain X road texture types can be custom configured. If you like the look of the moving road traffic in FSX, you will love the moving traffic in Ultimate Terrain X. Ultimate Terrain X greatly expands the moving traffic coverage areas in FSX. In addition to the standard coastline textures in FSX, Ultimate Terrain X takes coastlines to a whole new level, by including higher resolution rocky coastline textures, sandy beaches, concrete piers, freshwater dams, and man-made breakers. The coastline textures blend the edges of the water bodies with the land. Ultimate Terrain X dramatically improves the accuracy of cities in FSX. All metro areas with a population over 100k have accurate landclass based on high resolution satellite images. Smaller city landclass is still based on our proprietary "Synthetic Landclass" generation system, which generates urban landclass based on recent commercial data sources. Both methods provide superior landclass representations of all urban area. Waterclass options are a unique feature of Ultimate Terrain X that controls the coloring and style of the water features for various locations around the world. Ultimate Terrain enhances the default FSX water by providing 4 different waterclass choices: Blue water tint Plankton/Algae bloom tint Muddy water tint Muddy water with Plankton bloom tint. Water colors can vary dramatically between seasons. And, many users have different opinions on how their water environment should look. So, Ultimate Terrain X gives you the multiple options. Ultimate Terrain X night lighting consists of points of light that represent things like street lights, intersection lights, and vehicle lights. Ultimate Terrain X includes custom ground textures for specialized areas (note that these are specialized textures and not general texture replacements like our Ground Environment product). These ground textures differ from landclass, because they take on the exact size and shape of the terrain feature in the real world. In FSX, special ground textures are already used for city parks and golf courses, but in addition to the parks and golf courses, Ultimate Terrain X provides many other ground polygon features that are unique to Ultimate Terrain X. Beaches Glaciers Cemeteries Highway Interchanges Tunnel Entrances Railroad Yards Small Islands Parking Lots Grassy, Forest, or Concrete areas for landmark features. Detailed forest ground textures used extensively throughout urban areas. Object Repositioning To make sure that the current custom FSX objects line up with the Ultimate Terrain X scenery, we have repositioned many objects to better align with the Ultimate Terrain X road and water features. This includes things like buildings, ships, docks, and custom bridge objects (i.e. the Golden Gate Bridge). Ultimate Terrain Setup ToolWe know that a great number of Flight Simulator enthusiasts like to tweak their environments to meet their own personal expectations and needs. As a result, Ultimate Terrain X was designed from the ground up, to provide a near total configurable environment.

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