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Airport Sion X

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Highly detailed airfield scenery of SION optimized for FSX Static objects such as cars, various different military vehicles, PC-6 Porter and PC-7 as well as Hunter display Sion hospital with helicopter landing site High-voltage power line and railway tracks in 3D Very detailed civilian and military areas Adapted AI traffic Night lighting also for both castles VFR reference points such as petrol stations and Valère and Tourbillon castles Optimal integrated in Switzerland Professional X ILS-capable ( IGS Rwy25 ) Printable approach charts Large firework display at Tourbillon castle on Swiss national holiday on 1st Aug. and new year's eve Approach and taxiway lighting frequency-controlled from Sion-Tower or Sion-Ground Animated military bunkers Safety nets are placed at the end of the active runway System Requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator X ( SP2 or Acceleration Pack ) Windows XP/VISTA/WIN7 Processor with at least 2.8 GHz Min. 1 GB RAM Graphics card with at least 256 MB

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