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 TrackIR 5

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On this web site you will find everything you need for your flight simulator from software to full motion platform hardware.

In Shop News you will find all the latest information on new products and development, as well as special offers. The Coffee Shop has information about events and some useful links. Or if you want to go straight to the goods then click on Shop Items. If you experience any problems in our shop please call us on +44 (0)117 971 5000 or email us at

Our "staff pilots" are husband & wife, Bob & Carol. . Regular customers will also be familiar with our office dog, Jonty

Bob is a PPL, IMC and Night-Rated pilot, flies model aircraft & helicopters. He can give you the support you need to get "virtually" airborne, and advise you on the best system for your requirements From the beginnings of home computer technology and into the millennium, we have and continue to serve the needs of armchair pilots all over the world with everything and anything they could possible need.

We can offer comprehensive technical support on products we have sold you directly and give a friendly mail-order service that only a traditional family business can provide even in this high-tech world.


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X-Plane Extra's

X-Plane Extras


In order to enhance the VFR Scenry for X-Plane 10, I would add the following to the X-Plane/Custom Scenery folder:

Default England X-Plane Buildings and Roads
As above but with autogen
You can find quite a few UK airports at:
To improve the appearance of the default roads get:
Replacement Road Textures and Vehicle Library Extention by Chris K from
Do a search for Wycliff Barrett, apart from creating excellent airports airports he has a converted an Air Navigation Objects add-on (Gerry Winskill)
To use some of the above, you also need:
Tree lines and farms
Lighting can be brightened up with Replacement Day and Night Lighting

Better Clouds etc:
Sky Maxx Pro 2.1 payware from X-Aviation

Lots of Open Street Map converted data may be found here

A converter for OSM data may be found at
Open Street Map data for Conversion may be found at
NB The priority of scenery in X-Plane 10.20 or later is set in SCENERY_PACKS.INI this may be opened with Notepad. The scenery items at the top of the list has priority over all the ones listed below. Therefore if you install the photoscenery, you will not see airports or objects unless the photo scenery is at the bottom of the list so simply cut and paste.

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